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To experience connectedness


3rd OnePeople-Day: September 18 and 19, 2015 in Basel: Despite the rain, more than 100 people came to the Schützenmattpark and joined the big circle, setting a sounding example for one human kind. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and your engagement for more connectedness in our lives!

We send «Join the Circle!» out into the world!

OnePeople short film

Our short inspiring animation film «Join the Circle!» was received with enthusiasm. It conveys in a playful way the message of one human race, without words. Again, our thanks go to all of you who made this film possible.

Imagine, that one day, people will join hands.
Across the globe.
Embracing the world.
Because we are one people.

«OnePeople», A Vision

The day will come when we stand together in a circle made of people circumnavigating the globe.
We encompass the world, connected to one another by our hands and hearts— Connected in a variety of languages, religions, skin colors. We are one race. One People.

Making the World Community Visible

The circle of people spanning the world demonstrates that we are one people. This union enables us to experience how we, as humans, are linked together. The global human chain connects us physically with people from all corners of the earth. OnePeople promotes peace, celebrating that which connects all people.

The Day People Hold Hands

The take-action date for OnePeople is a day when millions of people around the world will hold hands. “We are one people!” comes to life.

The OnePeople take-action day creates a better understanding of the fact that we are one race and one world community. OnePeople activates the integration of this knowledge into everyday life and inspires people to take action accordingly.

As an unaffiliated organization, OnePeople is able to co-ordinate the emerging global network of individuals, groups, and organizations. A synergy with existing groups will be supported and fostered.