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3rd OnePeople-Day: September 18 and 19, 2015

Despite the rain, more than 100 people came to the Schützenmattpark and joined the big circle, setting a sounding example for one human kind. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and your engagement for more connectedness in our lives!

Der Grosse Kreis Basel 2015

Hand in hand we advocated the unity of the human race!

Lucca Gloor

The singing talent from Baselland touched us with his soft and soulful voice. He was professionally accompanied by Timmy Krützner. Thank you Lucca and Timmy! Here you find a song from him:

Surprise Choir

Connectedness in action – that’s the Surprise Choir! People with the most diverse life biographies have been singing together and have fasciated us. Thank you dear Surprise singers. Here a link to see them in action again:

Workshop „Space for the WE – Dialog and Dance“

Dialogs that connect. Ideas that reinforce connectedness in daily life. A dance that lifts us all in a WE-room – that is what we all experienced at the workshop. Our thanks go to all contributors, in particular to Cécile Cassini, Daniela Bomatter, Marlene Potthoff, Ria Stern, Paramjyoti, Faridah Busemann and Boris Matern!

Play and Encounter

We enjoyed a lot of encounters and fun at Schützenmattpark. Thanks to all contributors!

Greetings sent to the World

At the post office OnePeople-greetings could be sent to the world. Favourite destinations were friends!

Thank you!

This OnePeople Day would not have been possible with all of you helpers who supported us in communication, in setting up and taking the infrastructure apart, and in many other ways! We are very grateful for all your support!

Impressions from the OnePeople Day in Basel
With play, encounters and songs we celebrate O N E human race.
Also in Italy, Germany, Bali and Canada, people celebrated one human race.

Heartfelt thanks to our supporting partners:
Integrale Politik, Evolve, Zeitpunkt, Surprise Chor, Cartons du Coeur, Holon